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Personal data

Sartorius Croatia – Libra Elektronik d.o.o. appreciates customers' interest in our products and services. Their privacy is important to us and we want them to feel safe during cooperation with us. All personal data collected through our websites sartorius.hr, sartorius.si, minebea-intec.com.hr, minebea-intec.ba or pametna-kuca.com and from all subdomains derived from the listed basic domains, were obtained voluntarily and to the extent that the customer wants and are used when processing inquiries and to improve the work system.

Almost all pages of our company can be accessed without providing personal data. When someone accesses our pages, our server automatically records this and processes the associated technical access data. This data is used only and exclusively for adjusting the parameters of our site and our server to the user's requirements. This data cannot lead to a specific person, therefore the anonymity of the user is thus preserved.

Data protection

The data that we collect and that you voluntarily provide to us are protected by appropriate technical and organizational systems, to prevent intentional and/or unintentional misuse, loss, processing, etc. You can read more about the protection of general and personal data in our Privacy Policy or send us an inquiry directly to gdpr@sartorius.hr.


When a user interactively browses content on our websites, we and other service providers use "cookies" and other digital tags to collect information and track user patterns. Cookies are small text files that contain a unique identification number to identify your browser (not you personally) to our computer each time you visit our website. The cookie shows us which of our pages you have visited and how often. We use the above information to increase the usefulness of our websites for users, primarily in technical terms such as simple navigation. Also, we may use software plug-ins of websites (including third-party plugins) that store data in the buffer of the local browser to more easily understand the technical aspects of the website's operation. Such information is deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Your cookie settings

Your browser can be set so that cookies are generated only with your consent or they are generally rejected. However, we would like to point out that without cookies certain areas of the website can only be used to a limited extent or cannot be used at all. Mandatory cookies cannot be deactivated via the functions of this page but can be deactivated at any time via the browser used.

You have the possibility to manage the use of "cookies" and possibly prevent them if you configure your browser as follows:

Page content

We, the company Sartorius Croatia – Libra Elektronik d.o.o., created our websites and the content on them. We update the content regularly and reserve the right to change the data on it without prior notice. However, despite the care and updating of the content, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, the latest version and/or the completeness of the data on our pages. We are responsible for the content on our sites that we post ourselves, however, we are not responsible for the content posted by third parties or for the content on linked sites. Also, we are not responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of data from our site, including loss of earnings.

Copyright protection

All content that we publish on our pages, especially photos, tags, logos, audio and video documents in any format are protected by copyright, therefore their use, in original or processed form, is possible only with our written permission.

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