Industrial scales

Weighing becomes affordable - Meet the Puro® series of industrial scales!

Friday, 18.12.2020. - 13:15

Meet the new series of Puro® industrial scales, developed for different weighing needs. Whether you are weighing, counting or checkweighing, Puro® scales provide fast and accurate weighing performance. With its robust design and innovative and simple applications, Puro® proves its application in all areas of industrial weighing.

With the new industrial Puro scale series, Minebea Intec’s leading technologies are now available in an affordable range. With a wide range and diverse applications, a large number of innovative industrial weighing solutions are now available as part of the Puro range. In this way, customers will benefit from a high-quality product from a leading manufacturer of weighing technology at an affordable price. Each model is designed based on specific customer requirements. During the product development, the primary focus was on making it easier for customers to work with the production, which is directly reflected in many features of this new weighing solution.

Intuitive operation and convenience for the customer

Large screens on the front and back with LCD backlight guarantee optimal readability and stabilization gives instant weighing results in seconds. With tactile buttons, clear and intuitive operation is ensured. Depending on the requirements of the application, there are models that offer features such as a screen on the back that allows users to read from both sides an LED traffic light for control weighing and non-slip feet for use in challenging environments. The user interface is universal and compatible, making it easy to handle, no matter which model you use.

With the Puro scale, we reached another milestone. This innovative weighing solution is an ideal addition to our portfolio with a strong distribution network around the world. In this way, we ensure that the product is always quickly available to the customer.

Frank Wieland, CSO

Innovative and precise weighing

During development phase, it has been taken into account that the Puro product portfolio covers a wide range of applications and customer requirements. The product is primarily suitable for weighing, counting units or quality control in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries and helps to increase the quality and efficiency of industrial processes. With the Puro range, the customer has numerous benefits thanks to the intuitive interface and the robust materials that can also be used in challenging environments. Thanks to the optional Bluetooth or WiFi module, Puro models can be connected wirelessly to PCs or printers and can be used in a completely independent way.

In the Puro portfolio, you can choose between compact scales, table and floor scales and platforms, and weighing indicators. We personally recommend Puro because, considering its features and performance, it really represents a "best-buy" model in the category of affordable scales, and covers a wide range of industrial applications!

More about models and specifications, find here.