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Increase the quality, efficiency and safety of your daily laboratory work

Professional and customized education is the basis for successful, reliable and efficient work. It is key to increasing your motivation and job satisfaction. Continuous training and the acquisition of new knowledge, allows you to successfully face the challenges of rapid technology development, complex regulatory requirements and the need for continuous improvement and productivity. Sartorius Croatia offers its customers a comprehensive training program, which is aimed at improving the steps and activities in everyday laboratory work, as well as increasing productivity and awareness of quality. The seminars and trainings we conduct provide practical knowledge and advice for improving and expanding the techniques you use every day. Our most popular educations are: Weighing Academy, Pipetting Academy and Microbiology Academy.

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Weighing Academy

Compliance with international regulations and quality standards in pharmaceutical laboratories is critical to achieving consistent and accurate weighing results. Our weighing academy provides you with comprehensive theory and practical advice on compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as guidance on how to avoid typical weighing errors and achieve the most accurate weighing results.

Pipetting Academy

The technique is key to successful pipetting. With the right technique, you can make the best use of your samples and precious time while pipetting without difficulty. At our Pipetting Academy, we provide you with knowledge and practical insight for efficient, safe and painless work, as well as advice on choosing the optimal pipette and techniques for efficient work in accordance with regulations. Get the best results even in long batches of pipetting!

Microbiology Academy

Microbiological control is an indispensable segment for achieving product quality in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. In order to detect product spoilage microorganisms, it is necessary to ensure adequate microbiological control, with the aim of achieving the highest level of quality. In our Microbiology Academy you will gain practical knowledge about the importance of microbiological control in production, as well as the correct choice of filtration techniques for faster, more efficient and simpler laboratory work.

The values of our academies are: individual knowledge, adequate solutions and advice for prescribed laboratory areas

Educations are intended for laboratory staff who want to increase the efficiency of daily work and get additional advice on maximizing the use of our equipment. Knowledge and experience are transferred to you by our professional lecturers, with many years of experience and knowledge in this field. We hold academies in our business premises or other locations in accordance with user preferences. Upon completion of each training, participants receive an appropriate certificate of participation with a list of areas covered in the training.