Legal metrology

Legal metrology - Sartorius Croatia

One of the services we offer to our customers is verification of measuring devices, which determines whether a measuring instrument meets the requirements of a certain class of measuring instruments. Certification is a procedure that is regulated by legal regulations and is part of legal metrology, under the jurisdiction of the State Bureau of Metrology (DZM). We are an authorized service of the State Bureau of Metrology for the preparation of measuring instruments (non-automatic and automatic scales) for verification. We take care of your measuring devices, which are subject to the legal obligation of certification, inspect them and certify in a timely manner and also provide replacement devices. Most users of our certification services are from large pharmacy institutions in Croatia, but also a number of smaller private pharmacies. We also perform metrological supervision over measuring instruments used in healthcare institutions, the pharmaceutical and food industry and jewelry stores.

Verification procedure for measuring devices

All the above legal criteria must be legally tested, certified and marked with the prescribed markings before being placed on the market. It is important to note that only those criteria that have a type approval issued by a notified body in a country can be verified. After it is determined that the device is in accordance with the approved type of mesuring device and meets all technical and metrological requirements, the verification procedure begins - testing and marking of the device, which confirms the compliance with the prescribed metrological requirements. If the certified device meets the class and is within the permitted limits, it is marked with the prescribed stamp or sticker ('Order on the type, form and manner of affixing state certification marks used in the certification of legal measuring instruments, markings for measuring instruments, markings used by authorized services and certification documents' (NN 113/09, NN 134/09, NN 58/11)), after which we provide you a certificate - a document confirming that the verification of the measuring device was performed with a satisfactory result.

Verification periods

Verification of measuring devices can be first, regular and extraordinary. The manufacturer, importer of the measuring instrument, or the representative of a foreign company is responsible for the first verification of the measuring instrument if the measuring instrument is placed on the market from the consignment warehouse. Regular verification of measuring instruments is carried out in the prescribed certification periods for a certain type of measuring instrument ('Order on certification periods for certain legal measuring instruments and the manner of their application and on moderate periods for standards used for certification of legal measuring instruments' (NN 47/05)). Extraordinary verification is carried out in the case when the legal measuring instrument was not in use due to a malfunction, technical deficiencies or because it was not certified within the prescribed period of time. Re-verification is performed, for example, for weights of accuracy classes F1, F2, M1, M2 and M3 and scales with non-automatic operation of accuracy classes I, II, III and IIII of maximum weighing up to 9000 kg every 2 years. The re-verification must be taken care of by the meter holder. Re-verification of meters is carried out in the premises of authorized services for the preparation of meters and at the places of installation of meters.

Our advantages:

  1. Staff promptness
  2. Fast service
  3. Keeping complete records of verification
  4. Secured replacement devices
  5. Verified quality of services.